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Frequently Asked

Not all immigration cases require the assistance of an immigration lawyer in order to successfully go through.
Depending on your situation, our immigration experts will help in minimizing errors in the immigration process, which can result in denied or delayed applications.

The processing times for cases vary according to your local prefecture. It takes on average between 20 to 40 days to process a file after it was sent to the prefecture.

We have a duty to provide our clients proper management of their case, up until arrival at the prefecture. However, we are not able to garantee each case will be approved. If the rejection is due to an issue with the applicant’s documentation, criminal history, or other personal factors, a refund may not be provided.

Unfortunately we do not offer a free trial due to the nature of our services. Our immigration experts get to work as soon as onboarding begins.

Yes, Paperclip takes care of scheduling your appointments.

Our teams consist of legal and immigration experts and we understand how pivotal timing is to guarantee the proper management of your case. We commit to reacting within 24 hours after you have completed onboarding.

Paperclip is an immigration management software that allows people and businesses to manage their cases seamlessly. Paperclip is not a law firm.

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